Process for Eviction Hardin County To safeguard the Landlord and the Tenant a legal process has been developed by the Kentucky Court System. The following is a brief step-by-step procedure for Hardin County residence: (There are various fees associated with this process.)

1. The Landlord officially contacts the lessee that he/she has 30 days to vacate the premises by:
a. sending a certified notice by mail
b. hand delivering a notice or
c. can elect to have the notice delivered by the Sheriff’s Office

2. After the 30 day notice go to one of the following addresses and request a “Forcible Detainer”
a. If the rental property is in Radcliff, Vine Grove or Rineyville go to
Radcliff District Court 220 Freedoms Way Radcliff KY 40160
b. If the rental property is in Southern Hardin County (not in Radcliff, Vine Grove or Rineyville) go to
Hardin County Circuit Court Hardin County Justice Center 120 E. Dixie Ave. Elizabethtown, Ky. 42701

3. You will be given a court date for the judge to require an eviction.

4. If the lessee has not evacuated the premises by the date set by the court you must return to the court with an affidavit for a “Warrant of Possession”.

5. The Sheriff will then be issued a “Set Out Order” to forcibly evict the lessee.

6. The Landlord and Sheriff’s Office will agree on a date to have the Tenant’s property put outside the building.

7. The “Set Out” Warrant is hand delivered by the Sheriff’s Office to the Tenant or posted on the door to the occupancy.

8. At the designated time the Landlords moving crew and Sheriff’s Deputies will meet to evict the renters.

9. The Landlord can then go to Small Claims Court to recover back rent owed them.

When the Landlord and Deputies Meet at the Property, Please understand that HCSO Deputies are there to insure a smooth and peaceful process they are not there to move property. Therefore, the Landlord will have 3 able bodied people for the eviction of an apartment and 5 persons for a house. One (1) hour has been allotted for eviction so match your manpower accordingly. The tenants property will be placed in front of the residence one (1) foot from the curb and not blocking the sidewalk. The Landlord should change the locks at this point in the eviction process. The address must be visible on all rental property and each apartment must be numbered or identified properly.

Helpful Items to Bring Landlords and Helpers
• Gloves /Masks / Tools
• Garbage Bags / Empty Boxes
• Appliance Dolly / Insect Spray
• Water Hose (For Water Beds)
• Locksmith / New Locks for the House/Apartment